Actuarial Consulting Services

  • Actuarial Valuations - Actuarial valuations of plan assets and liabilities
  • Financial Reporting -  Calculation of GASB liabilities and cash flows
  • Plan Design and Amendment  Analysis - Plan design and actuarial valuation of proposed plan amendments 
  • Expert Testimony - Expert testimony before legislative committees and in litigation 
  • Cash Flow Analysis - Preparation of  plan cash flow demonstrations used for strategic asset and liability planning
  • Forecast Valuation Studies - Preparation of plan forecasts based on either ad hoc deterministic or stochastic trials
  • Actuarial Education - Actuarial education for trustees or member groups
  • Plan Merger Analysis - Preparation of actuarial and interest calculations related to plan mergers and spin-offs.
  • Group Purchase of Prior Service Studies - Preparation of  actuarial and interest calculations required for group purchases of prior service.
  • Actuarial Cost Calculations - Preparation of individual transfers or purchases of service credit.
  • Plan Experience Studies - Analysis of plan experience and development of related actuarial asset and liability assumptions.
  • Preparation of Actuarial Equivalence Factors - Creation of necessary actuarial equivalence factors and appropriate reduction factors for optional benefits
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